Dog training can be undertaken on either a 1-2-1 basis with you and your dog at your home, or if appropriate we can offer training walks to help with common issues such as recalls, dog or human reactivity or other issues. 

1-2-1 sessions are appropriate for lots of common training issues, such as loose lead walking, jumping up, seperation issues, recalls or mild behavioural problems such as chewing, front door or visitor issues, grooming or handling problems. If on assessment your dogs issues appear more appropriate for a behavioural consultation, we can advise you on next steps to get you the help you need. 

Training sessions at home may also suit dogs that are more anxious or nervous around other dogs and people when group classes may be too overwhelming and unproductive, similarly dog that get over excited easily may benefit from a few home sessions before tackling a class environment.

1-2-1 sessions are tailored for you and your dogs needs and will be supported via phone or email in between sessions, they are great for dealing with lots of common dog training troubles as well as a great way to bond with your dog and discover fun exciting activities that you and your dog can engage with. 

FROM £ per hour


Group classes are a great way to build up your dogs foundation skills, such as sit, down and recall whilst working around the distractions of other dogs and people. Classes are also a great way to socialise your dog and build a positive relationship through training and fun with your dog. 

In Balance training classes focus on building solid life skills but also helping to positively shape your dogs ability to become flexible, focused and calm dogs who can cope with and enjoy life. We use only positive science based training methods and game based enrichment activities to build happy, well rounded pooches.

Classes are tailored to accommodate varied ability so you only ever need focus on you and your dogs next goals. Each dog and owner learns differently and has different challenges so we always do our best to accommodate this in our class set up.

Puppy classes are set up so that though socialisation is an important aspect of your dogs development, we try to ensure your puppy has only positive interactions while they are learning about the world. Puppy classes focus on helping provide you with the tools to deal with all the common puppy issues whilst building the foundation skills to help your dog become confident and happy learners!

We also have workshops throughout the year which focus on specific training issues such as recall or loose lead walking, as well as fun activities such as scent-work and canine confidence courses. 

FROM £15 per hour


Tellington Touch is a gentle no force approach to training, rehabilitation and handling. It comprises of slow light touch bodywork which stimulates the dogs' nervous system to release tension, improve body awareness and improved posture and movement. We also use slow, controlled agility type exercises which are usually performed on lead which teach the dog calm, balanced movement, improves their body awareness and posture.

Sessions are either conducted 1-2-1 where we will assess your dogs individual needs and build a training plan for you and your dog. You will learn take home skills that will enable you to understand your dogs better, learning to read and understand their body language and communication. You will acquire leash handling and bodywork skills which will help you to calm and focus your dog, improve their confidence and reduce their anxiety in stressful situations.

Tellington Touch can be useful in dealing with lots of common dog issues, such as anxiety about car journeys, other dogs or people, handling concerns, posture or balance issues, agility and other dog sports, puppy problems and noise sensitivity. Please call for further info or to discuss if Tellington touch may help you and your dog. We also run group workshops throughout the year.

From £25 per hour


We also do dog grooming!

For more details please visit Millie's Dog Grooming.

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